The Ex

You were spontaneously mechanical

Slipping effortlessly between love and cruelty

A disorientating kaleidoscope

Of emotional numbness and flattering compensation

Predictably, I hoped for something better

In you I saw a dream, a release from this life

Changing myself to fit your expectation,

To prevent rejection, to plan a future

I became another woman

But, you abused her

So she turned back into herself and

Once released, I stole back my dream


19 thoughts on “The Ex

  1. “Slipping effortlessly between love and cruelty” is such a great line. I loved how you have sketched a story in such few lines, and it is both cosmopolitan and old-world-feminine at the same time. I applaud how “she turned back into herself” and stole back the dream. 😉

  2. can relate to this one..very honest and i find the end part strengthening. verry talented artist as well! thanks for sharing your creative work ***

  3. Writing can be a mirror, a release, a pondering, an awakening as the caterpillar turns into the butterfly. Continue to fly. You have many exotic and strange lands yet to see and share with us.

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