Alexand is like a vampire

She charmed me into marrying her

My wedding dress, a suit of fiction

A frumpy prototype for future stories.

My mind is preserved inside her world

It ages strangely

She wants me to live forever

And doesn’t understand why I can’t

In her world, everything is possible

18 thoughts on “Muse

  1. Our pain is our gift…you have gifted us, the readers with your vulnerability, your ache inside, making us all a little more human in the process, a little more alike as we see our own selves reflected back. We all hurt, just some of us are a little more brave–brave enough to reveal the truth–which has a softening effect on the reader. Thank you for the beautiful zings to my heart! I wish you a brave journey, the courage to completely inhabit the breadth and width of your days.

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